Malakhov, D.V. Intentionality in Post-Nonclassical Philosophy


The monograph is devoted to the complex consideration of the problems of intentional consciousness, the ontology of intentionality, as well as the disclosure of the meanings of the concepts of “being” and “good” in the context of the proposed synthesis of phenomenology and post-nonclassical principles of the unity of being and thinking.

It is designed for specialists in the field of phenomenology, the history of philosophy, theology, ontology and the theory of knowledge, graduate students and undergraduates of philosophical specialties.

Malakhov, D.V.
Intentionality in post-non-classical philosophy / D.V. Malakhov. – Minsk: Belaruskaya Navuka, 2018. – 223 p.
ISBN 978-985-08-2228-4


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