Intellectual club «Women in philosophy»

Aim of the Club is to create the discussion platform for a fruitful dialogue, expanding professional contacts of women involved in philosophy.

Tasks of the Club:
– Development of philosophical community and popularization of philosophical knowledge;
– Creation of conditions for raising the status of women in philosophy, providing additional opportunities for professional self-realization;
– Formation of a favorable cultural and creative atmosphere for personality development and positive values that promote gender equality in the scientific community;
– Promotion of scientific cooperation between women in philosophy, expansion of partnership and business contacts between women-philosophers in Belarus and the world;
– Organization of interaction with networks of women-scientists, public organizations, and public authorities.

Format of events of the Club:
– Open lectures and discussions with invited experts;
– Seminars, conferences, round tables;
– Cultural and educational projects;
– Reading groups;
– “Philosophical cafe”;
– Informal meetings and initiatives of participants.

Contact information:

Coordination Council of the
Intellectual Club “Women in philosophy”:

+375 17 2722875
Tatsiana Navitskaya,
Yuliya Sereda

+375 17 2949110
Nadzeya Ilyushenka

+375 17 3321502
Volha Davydzik

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