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“Philosophical studies” is annual collection of scientific papers of the Institute of philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus founded in 2014. The most pressing problems, directions, and results of research at the Institute of philosophy, philosophical scientific communities of Belarus and other countries are reflected in the book.
Within the framework of the collection, there are organized the discussions on topical issues of philosophical and interdisciplinary research; the scientific life of our country is highlighted, the scientific work is evaluated. The editorial office sees the publication as a creative platform, where philosophers and scientists of different directions can openly express their ideas, exchange theoretical findings and applied initiatives concerning various aspects of scientific and social life.

Archive of issues

Categorization of the collection corresponds to the structure of the main directions of fundamental philosophy: ontology (theory of knowledge), philosophy of history, social philosophy, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture, social ecology, philosophy of science and technology, national philosophy. In current issues, there are such headings as:

  • Problems of ontology and theory of knowledge
  • Philosophical problems of social dynamics
  • Philosophical-anthropological studies
  • Axiological aspects of social being
  • Philosophical-methodological problems of science and technology
  • Historical-philosophical studies
  • Philosophy of culture and education
  • Problems of formation of ecological culture
  • National philosophical thought

An important element of the yearbook is the section “Scientific life”. Main events of scientific activity of the Institute of philosophy and the scientific-philosophical environment of Belarus, information about outstanding and honored scientists, anniversaries are reflected in it.

The yearbook has an international serial number ISSN 2410-5112. Bibliographic code УДК 1 (082).

Collection of scientific papers “Philosophical studies” is included in the List of scientific publications of the Republic of Belarus for publishing the results of dissertation research in philosophical sciences (Order of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus № 156 of 19.06.2015).


E-mail: journal@philosophy.by
Chief Editor – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Tadeush I. Adoulo: tel. +375-17-272-28-75

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