Philosophical studies. Collection of scientific papers. Issue 3


The third issue of the annual collection of scientific papers includes works that covered the main sections of modern philosophical science – philosophy of history, social dynamics, humanitarian technologies in social engineering and value-normative components of modern society, methodological aspects of civilizational and world-system approaches, philosophical and anthropological studies, philosophy of culture, religion, morality and education, philosophical and methodological problems of science and technology, problems of formation of ecological culture. The authors of the collection are scientists of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.
The collection was created for philosophers, scientists, teachers, graduate students, students, and everyone who is interested in the issues of philosophical culture, development of modern society and human, methodology of science.

Philosophical studies. Collection of scientific papers. Issue 3. – Minsk: Belaruskaya navuka, 2016
Философские исследования. Сборник научных трудов. Выпуск 3. – Минск: Беларуская навука, 2016

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Philosophical Studies. Issue #3


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