The Institute of philosophy of the NAS of Belarus has held a great meeting of the academic council


On October 23, 2020, the Institute of philosophy has held a great meeting, where director of the Institute Anatoly Lazarevich presented a badge of honor named after V.M. Ignatovsky of the NAS of Belarus to the head of the Center of socio-philosophical and anthropological research, Doctor of philosophy, Professor Tadeush Adoulo “For a significant personal contribution to the development of the Belarusian school of socio-philosophical and anthropological research, development of urgent problems of modern society, and in connection with the 75th anniversary of birth”. Representatives of the Directorate and his colleagues congratulated T. Adoulo.

At the meeting, Tatiana Gritsenok, who successfully completed her postgraduate studies at the Institute of Philosophy, was awarded a research diploma.

In addition, senior researcher of the Institute Sergey Sanko made a presentation on the recommendation for publication of the collection of materials of the fifth international conference “Intellectual culture of Belarus: spiritual and moral traditions and trends of innovative development.” The collection is recommended for publication.


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