Public lecture by Katarzyna Wojan «Metamorphoses of Salomée Regina Rusetskaya’s Life»


Doctor of Arts in the field of linguistics, Professor, Head of the Section of language, culture and economics of Finland at the Institute of Scandinavian studies of Gdańsk University Katarzyna Wojan made a public lecture “Metamorphoses of Salomée Regina Rusetskaya’s life” in the Intellectual club “Women in philosophy” on June 5, 2018. The event was timed to the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Salomée Regina Rusetskaya – a native of the Novogrudok region, the first female doctor in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, traveler and writer, who left her memoirs “Adventures of my life”. The book combines the features of an adventure novel and travel notes and reflects her vision of Turkey, Poland, Russia, Austria, etc. In her memoirs, she describes the culture and customs of different peoples, historical events.
Salomée Regina Rusetskaya is a unique figure in the history of the XVIII century, because she managed to realize herself in medicine, which was considered at that time to be primarily male sphere of activity. Discussion of the metamorphosis of her life aroused a keen interest of the audience. It touched upon the social role of women in society, the views of the author on their position in different cultures. Attention of those present was drawn to the special style of the novel, which combines the elements of different languages and dialects.


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