Educational programme for children and teenagers “Green sun”


Think in a new way!
Be global, be successful!
Be creator of the future!

The programme of additional education “Green Sun” developed for children and adolescents at the age of 10-13 years is an effective pedagogical tool for formation and development of the competencies demanded not only during the period of school, but also significant from the point of view of further self-implementation of students in conditions of modern society.

Key aims of the programme: formation of the worldview based on learning the key concepts of philosophy and culture; development of creative, logical thinking, communicative skills and competencies of joint group work; project skills. The peculiarity of the programme is conscious refusal to use computers and other information and communication technologies in the educational process. This is caused by the aims and tasks of the course, which is focused on the development of the skills of living interpersonal interaction, culture of communication and thinking in dialogue with people that have different worldview and cultural attitudes.

The programme includes 3 modules:

  1. ”Thinking about the world and humankind: philosophy for children and adolescents”. It includes tasks and exercises in the following areas of study: “History and traditions”, “Critical thinking”, “Morality”, “Communication skills”
  2. ”Learning to think “outside the box”. It contains the tasks directed to formation of the skills of solution of inventive tasks.
  3. ”Creating new worlds: architectural model making” is the series of classes, in the process of which there are formed the spatial thinking, skills of architectural modeling. Under the guidance of teacher, children create characters and living space for them, learn to design new (fantastic) worlds.

Duration of each module: 8 lessons of 2 academic hours. Total number of lessons – 24, number of training hours – 48 + final presentation (bonus).

Forms of educational activity: socratic dialogue, storytelling, modeling, designing, communicative and game methods.

Languages: Russian, English (at choice).

After training on these modules, there are formed the following skills in adolescents:

  • outlook and curiosity, cognitive activity;
  • skills of creative approach to solving educational problems;
  • ability to plan activities, highlight the main and secondary things, reveal cause-and-effect relationships;
  • communicative competences, ability to correctly and consistently express one’s thoughts, build arguments, and defend one’s position.

At the end of training, the certificate of the Institute of philosophy of the NAS of Belarus is given.

There is also provided the online course for trainers that work on the programme “Green Sun”: 14 hours (4 hours for each module) and 2 hours for general discussion with participation of the authors of the programme. At the end of training, the certificate of the Institute of philosophy of the NAS of Belarus is given.

Programme booklet in English and Chinese

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面向儿童和青少年的“ 绿太阳”课外教育计划


主要方法: 通过对哲学与文化中关键性概念的学习与理解,培养形成正确的世界观;帮助创造性思维,逻辑性思维的建立与发展,注重沟通技巧的发展以及团队组织与配合的能力。该项目的特点是在教育过程中不使用计算机以及其他信息和通信技术。这一特点是由该教育计划中与众不同的目标与内容所造就的,我们的重点是使用科学的哲学方法论,帮助学生认识与理解不同的社会文化及世界观,以此来增强学生的人际互动能力,多样性文化元素的理解与应用能力,促进学生不同种类思维能力的建立与发展。


  1. “关于自然世界和人类社会的思考:儿童与青少年的哲学”。它主要包括针对以下内容的学习与理解:“历史和传统”,“批判性思维”,“道德”,“逻辑性对话”
  2. ”发散性与创新性思维的培养”。它包含旨在通过不同思维模式的培养,来激发学生进行创造性解决方法的思考。
  3. “创建新世界:建筑模型制作”是一个系列性的课程,在此过程中,学会使用空间思维,建筑建模技巧等。学生将在老师的指导下,进行角色创造和空间改造,学习设计新的(创新性)世界。

每个部分的培训时间: 8节课,每节课2学时。总课程数– 24节,总培训时间– 48小时 +总结简报(特殊奖励)。

教学形式: 启发式对话,逻辑性故事,创新性建模,发散性设计,特殊的交流与游戏等方法。

语言: 俄语,英语(可选)。


  • 学会使用发散性思维,从不同的角度解决问题;
  • 使用创造性方法来解决遇到问题的能力;
  • 计划活动的能力,明确事情中的主次因素,理解事情发展中的因果关系;
  • 沟通能力,能正确和一致地表达自主思想,完善的建立论据和捍卫自我立场。





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