Educational program for children and teenagers “Green sun”

Think in a new way!
Be global, be successful!
Be creator of the future!

The program of additional education “Green sun” developed for children and teenagers of 10-12 years old, is an effective pedagogical tool for formation and development of the complex of competences demanded not only in the period of schooling, but also significant from the point of view of further self-fulfillment of students in modern society. The key goals of the program are the following: formation of the worldview based on familiarization with the key concepts of philosophy and culture; development of creative, logical thinking, communication skills and competences of team work; design skills. The peculiarity of the program is conscious refusal to use computers and other information and communication technologies in the educational process. It is caused by goals and tasks of the course oriented to development of the skills of interpersonal interaction, culture of communication and thinking in dialogue with people that have different ideological and cultural attitudes.

The program includes three modules: “Thinking about the world and mankind: philosophy for children and teenagers”, “Learning to think “outside the box”, “Creating new worlds: architectural model making”. The duration of training for each unit is 10 lessons.

After training, participants of the educational program will receive a certificate of the Institute of philosophy of the National academy of sciences of Belarus.

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