First Belarusian Congress of Philosophy «National Philosophy in Global World»

The Congress was organized as a part of the program of the Year of Science in the Republic of Belarus. It was intended for integration of philosophical community of the country around the ideals, values and research tasks shared by its members. The organizers pursued the goal to present systematically the history and intellectual capital of the Belarusian philosophical tradition, to reflect its role in the development of philosophical knowledge nationally and globally.

During the Congress, reveal the potential of domestic philosophy in the solution of theoretical-methodological, spiritual-cultural, and value problems was revealed. There was discussed the cultural-creative role of philosophical knowledge in the modern society, its capabilities in the field of harmonization of social relations, optimization of the processes of state-building, theoretical-methodological support of the modern education system.

The Congress managed to promote better coordination between philosophical schools, institutions, and communities of the countries of East and West. It contributed to the improvement of the strategy of philosophical research nationally, regionally and globally. Also it helped to reveal the promising areas of international scientific cooperation on the base of a wide range of philosophical knowledge and practices.

Proceedings of the Congress will actualize the interest of national and international media and general public to the heritage of philosophical culture of Belarus and the latest achievements in the field of philosophical sciences. This forum was the place of meeting, discussion and cooperation of representatives of the academic, university and other sectors of philosophical science. We hope that it will promote the involvement of researchers, who work in the field of natural sciences, engineering and social-humanitarian disciplines, graduate students and undergraduates, in work within the framework of interdisciplinary research teams, oriented to solving the urgent problems of philosophy and interdisciplinary knowledge.

The working languages of the Congress: Belarusian, Russian, English.

Organizers and expert-discussion platforms

  • Institute of Philosophy of the National academy of sciences of Belarus.
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Belarusian State University.
  • The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Departments of philosophy and social-humanitarian disciplines of higher education institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

Thematic areas

At the Congress, there will be discussed the whole range of problems of modern research, educational and social-practical programs in the sphere of philosophical knowledge.
The following problems are among them:

  • The origins, historical development and current state of the Belarusian philosophical tradition.
  • Nine centuries of Belarusian philosophy: names, events, publications.
  • The phenomenon of national philosophy in the global world.
  • Philosophical classics and modern trends in the development of global philosophical thought.
  • Philosophy as a tool for understanding the global social dynamics, assessment of information, educational, social and spiritual processes.
  • Global problems and risks as a subject of philosophical reflection.
  • Philosophy in the Eurasian social-cultural space: methodological and expert capital, experience and tasks of participation in social transformations.
  • Human in the 21st century: philosophical aspects of intellectual-cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and ideological potential.
  • Logic and methodology of natural sciences and humanitarian knowledge: classics, non-classics, post-nonclassics.
  • Philosophical-methodological grounds and ideological principles of transdisciplinary programs in science.
  • Modern problems of ontology, metaphysics and philosophy of cognition.
  • Philosophy of mind and methodology of cognitive sciences.
  • Philosophy of language, linguistic philosophy, semiotics, discourse analysis.
  • Philosophical knowledge as a precondition of the mechanisms of sustainable development in the system “human-society-nature”.
  • Philosophical problems of the global information community. Philosophy of virtual reality and network communication.
  • Ethical challenges of social and scientific-technological development.
  • Philosophical problems of gender studies.
  • Philosophical views on the evolution of educational system. Topical problems of philosophical education in Belarus and in the post-Soviet space.
  • Philosophical knowledge and justification of the ways of harmonization of intercultural and interfaith relations. Philosophy of religion.
  • Current philosophical programs for the study of culture, social-political and ideological dynamics: Belarus, region, world.
  • Development of philosophical and interdisciplinary research in the system of priorities of the state scientific policy.


Participants were expected to register on the website before June 18, 2017, indicating the name of the presentation, information about the author (authors), selected thematic area, and brief theses of the presentation (up to 3 000 characters with spaces, which corresponds to approx. 1 page of printed text, font size 14, single interval).


Theses of participants were published as a separate book before the beginning of the event.
After the Congress, we plan to publish a collection of reports and materials.

Key dates

Registration of participants, submission of theses Before June 19, 2017
Preparation of the program, distribution of invitations – before September 20, 2017
Publication of the collection of theses before October 18, 2017
Arrival of participants October 16–18, 2017
Registration October 18, 2017
Work of the Congress October 18–20, 2017
Preparation of the collection of materials of the Congress October-December 2017

Further information

Full information about the Congress, the program of events, the possibilities of accommodation in Minsk will be published on the website
Tel. +375 17 2841863, fax +375 17 2842925.

Event information

Important dates

Applications accepted: 12.04.2017 — 25.06.2017
Revisions allowed: 12.04.2017 — 25.06.2017

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