Intellectual Culture of Belarus: Methodological Capital of Philosophy and Outlines of Transdisciplinary Knowledge Synthesis


Интеллектуальная культура Беларуси: методологический капитал философии и контуры трансдисциплинарного синтеза знания : материалы Третьей междунар. науч. конф., 15–16 ноября 2018 г., г. Минск. В 3 т. / Ин-т философии НАН Беларуси ; редкол.: А. А. Лазаревич (пред.) [и др.]. – Минск : Четыре четверти, 2018.

The problematics of the 2018 conference is connected with the disclosure of the methodological capital of philosophical knowledge as the basis for complex projects and programs in the field of science and innovation. The trends of scientific and technological progress determine today the trajectory of development of all spheres of social practice. Under these conditions, philosophy, which is at the same time the heuristic basis of scientific thinking, and the focus of humanitarian expertise, assessment and forecasting of technogenic transformations, presents fundamentally new tasks. And directly, through a formative impact on the sphere of education, upbringing, mass communications, and indirectly, through the methodological provision of scientific and technical projects, philosophy constructs a new cultural image, designates and sets the parameters for the quality of life in a society based on knowledge.


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