Within the framework of the philosophical seminar, the report “About the nature of knowledge – how” was presented


Within the framework of the philosophical seminar, Doctor of philosophy, PhD in physics and mathematics Igor Pris made an introductory speech “About the nature of knowledge – how”


Intellectualists argue that knowledge-how is a kind of propositional knowledge (knowledge-what). Anti-intellectualists reject intellectualism. For example, according to G. Ryle, knowledge-how is ability. Descartes’ intellectualism regarding knowledge-how is really unacceptable. There are, however, other forms of intellectualism. The intellectualist position of J. Stanley and T. Williamson had a great influence. For them, knowledge-how is a special kind of knowledge-what. It is knowledge-what, presented in a practical (non-reflective) way. One of the recent anti-intellectualist positions is the position of A. Carter and J. Navarro. They analyze knowledge-how by analogy with the standard analysis of knowledge-what in the form of a composition of ability, skill and success. We are trying to eliminate the dichotomy between intellectualism and anti-intellectualism. We argue that to have knowledge-how is the first to have a practical “Wittgenstein rule” (a concept that we derive from the philosophy of the late Wittgenstein. “Language games” are governed by rules). At the same time, in comparison with other positions, the position of Stanley and Williamson is the closest to us regarding the concepts of knowledge-how and skill.

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