Discussion of the book by Martha Nussbaum took place in the Intellectual club “Women in Philosophy”


A regular meeting of the participants of the Club was held on June 22, 2017 in the format of reading seminar. This time the event took place in informal atmosphere in the open air in the Central Botanical garden of the NAS of Belarus. The representatives of the BSEU, BSU, BSPU named after M. Tank, the Institute of philosophy of the NAS of Belarus attended the event. The meeting was devoted to the discussion of the book of the American researcher Martha Nussbaum “Not for profit: why democracy needs the humanities.” The reading seminar was timed to M. Nussbaum’s 70th anniversary. She is influential philosopher of our time, winner of the Kyoto Prize in 2016 (annual award for achievements in science, technology and culture, contribution to the world civilization, activities for the benefit of humankind; in the nomination “Philosophy and Ethics” it is awarded every four years) with the wording «A Philosopher Who Has Developed a New Theory of Justice Advocating the Capabilities Approach». Her ideas have already found their application in the Human Development Index, which is published annually since 1990. M. Nussbaum played one of the key roles in the development and conceptualization of the approach, which is in the base of this Index. Thanks to the seminar, the participants had the opportunity not only to get acquainted with M. Nussbaum’s creativity, but also to discuss her key philosophical ideas in the context of global trends in humanitarian research and development of a new model of education. The idea of educating a citizen of the world aroused a particular interest. There were also discussed the issues connected with actualization of the potential of Socratic pedagogy in the conditions of the so-called “undeclared crisis” of the humanities. There were discussed various aspects of the model of education offered by M. Nussbaum, which is directed to the way out of this crisis and achievement of social well-being. The researcher focuses on the unacceptability of passive learning and the need to develop the culture of equality and critical thinking through education.


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