Presentation of the Intellectual club “Women in Philosophy”


December 15, 2016 the Institute of Philosophy of the Republic hosted the meeting of the representatives of the philosophical community. On this day, the opening of the Intellectual Club “Women in philosophy” took place. This is the new project of the Institute, aimed at coordinating the discussion and solution of urgent socio-cultural problems.

Intellectual Club, the idea of ​​which belongs to initiative employees of the Institute of Philosophy: N. Kutuzava, V. Davydzik, N. Ilyushenka, T. Navitskaya, Yu. Serada, created in the context of international practice on the organization of national and international professional communities, contributing significantly to the development and popularization of philosophical knowledge, ideas and concepts. The organizers aim to engage in joint activities a wide range of women philosophers, to promote fruitful dialogue and partnership among scientists of Belarus and abroad.


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