Discussion of Dmitry Stolyarov’s Report was held in the Intellectual Club «Women in Philosophy»


Discussion of report of the junior researcher of the Institute of philosophy of the NAS of Belarus Dmitry Stolyarov on the topic «Patriarchal Stereotyping as a System of Discrimination against Men” was held on April 1, 2019 at the meeting of the Intellectual Club «Women in philosophy». The speaker reviewed the key features of the gender system of patriarchy, their influence on the position of men in traditional society, which defines certain norms of behavior and the strategies of building the life scenarios by men. The most common risks that affect men at different stages of life were given as examples of the negative impact of patriarchy on men. Special attention was paid to the description of psychological difficulties faced by men of traditional views (the need to conform to the ideals of success, strength, fearlessness etc.) There was also given the characteristics of the influence of traditional stereotypes on educational practices. D. Stolyarov recognized the need to overcome negative gender stereotypes and form the culture of gender equality. In conclusion, he offered the variants of implementation of the principles of gender equality that will, first of all, have to transform the traditions of upbringing and socialization. The report was followed by a lively discussion with different points of view on the phenomenon of discrimination of men in the patriarchal culture.


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