International Round TableBelarusian Philosophical Tradition in the Context of World Philosophic Culture

In the context of the celebration of World Philosophy Day (November 17, 2016) at the Institute of Philosophy, an international round table “Belarusian philosophical tradition in the context of the world of philosophical culture” was held.

The event was attended by prominent representatives of the historical and philosophical schools of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. In its course we discussed the place and role of the national philosophical tradition in the dynamics of the global philosophical knowledge. The roundtable revealed and comprehended the relationship between the self-understanding of the national school of philosophy and cultural-historical self-identity of the nation. In comparative way the features of the philosophical process in the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine in the era of Soviet philosophy (since the mid-twentieth century) and in the period of independence.

Discussions like this are aimed at improving the mechanisms for promotion of philosophical knowledge, increasing its participation in the regulation of social and cultural processes. They help not only to consolidate the humanitarian and philosophical community of the country, but also to strengthen the foundations of intercultural dialogue. Thus, the Institute of Philosophy demonstrates the close involvement in the execution of the mission assigned by UNESCO to philosophical movement and those addressed by the World Philosophy Day – help to strengthen civil dialogue, tolerance and progress of human knowledge as a response to the challenges.

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