Family and Woman in the Contemporary World: Social and Cultural Aspects

The idea of the conference is determined by growing attention to the problems of cultural, worldview, moral and legal policies of the modern state in the field of family relationships. Also the forum is aimed at discussing ways to provide adequate opportunities for creativity and self-realization to both men and women.

In modern conditions the measures on harmonization of social and cultural space are carried out in close conjunction with the policy of improving education and upbringing. They are associated with activities on promoting the role of cultural traditions as a regulator of social relationships, a factor of national security in the informational, spiritual and moral sphere. Besides, such measures should help to overcome the negative effects of the globalization, the preservation of cultural diversity and productive dialogue between traditions and cultures.

These multidimensional problems require cooperation of state and public figures, specialists in religion  and education, scientists. The conference will contribute to the creating a productive framework for dialogue between them, to the development of common cross-disciplinary approaches to solving problems facing contemporary society.

Fields of work

In the context of the problems described we suggest to discuss the following questions:

– Ideological, political, legal, socio-economic, cultural and ethical aspects of family relationships in modern society.

– Family values: their specificity, historical and cultural diversity, their status and function in social and cultural environment of modern society.

– Family values: their specificity, historical and cultural diversity, their status and function in social and cultural environment of modern society.

– The role of the traditional family upbringing in the provision of humanitarian and spiritual safety of modern society.

– The image of woman and the function of feminine symbols in the cultures of East and West, as well as in eastern/western philosophy, literature and art.

The spectrum of the discussed issues (within the topic of the conference) can be extended at the initiative of speakers.

Format of work

We invite experts in the field of theory and methodology of public administration, family and gender politics, ethnic and intercultural relations, as well as employees of public authorities and public figures of Belarus, Iran and other states.

To participate in the discussions organized around the main reports and presentations, the experts in the field of philosophy, sociology, political science, psychology, economics, law are also invited. Business representatives, academics, postgraduate students, masters and students are welcome to participate.

Working languages of the conference are Russian and English.


After the conference takes place, the “collected papers” book will be published. The book will embrace articles prepared by the main speakers, theses (abstracts), informational and learning material.

Reports and abstracts accompanied by a filled application form must be received by the Organizing committee by January 25, 2012.

Applications are to be sent to one of the following addresses:

By mail: Institute of Philosophy NASB, Surganova Str., 1/2, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 220072

Or via email:, Email subject must contain: «Conference “Family and Woman”».

Application and formatting of the report

The application and the text are placed together into a single Microsoft Word / OpenOffice file. At the top of the first page the following table is expected (listed below with an example of filling)


Co-Author (if exists)


Иванов Петр Иванович

Петрова Анна Петровна

Scientific degree

доктор философских наук

кандидат философских наук

Honorary degree



Place of work, position

профессор кафедры философии и методологии науки Института социальных исследований, г. Минск

старший преподаватель кафедры философии и истории Международного гуманитарного университета, г. Смоленск

Country / state

Республика Беларусь

Российская Федерация

Postal address

220002, г. Минск, ул. Университетская, д. 1, кв. 24

214011, г. Смоленск, ул. Академическая, д. 36, кв. 18

Contact phone (incl. country, city, operator etc. code)

+375 45 333-33-33

+375 17 444-44-44


Form of participation



Is hotel reservation needed?



Name of report

Актуальные проблемы современных гендерных исследований

The volume of text material (not including the application table):

for full reports – no more than 10 pages

for theses (abstracts) – no more than 4 pages.

Please use “Times New Roman” font, size 14, line spacing – single, margins – 20 mm each. Paragraph indentation 1.25 cm.

Bibliographic references are placed within the main text in square braces, showing position of the cited source in the list of sources, as well as the number of cited page, e.g. [10, p. 795]. Please avoid using MS Word-style automatic footnotes, as well as the number of page cited, e.g. [10, p. 795]. Please avoid using MS Word-style automatic footnotes.

Bibliography itself is placed at the end of the text under the caption “Literature”. Arranging bibliography in accordance to Russian / Belarusian standards is strongly preferred, e.g.:

1. Ivanov, Ivan. Family education // Proceedings of International conference on Woman and Family in Modern World. – Minsk, 2009. – P. 19–21.

2. Petrov, Andrey. Feminine in Modern Culture / ed. by S. Sidorov. – M., 2001.


On receiving an application, the Organizing committee shall mail back the formal confirmation.

The Organizing committee reserves the right to reject texts that exceed the specified above volume, do not match not the conference topics, do not meet the criteria for scientific text, are not properly formatted or in need of grammatical proof (contain multiple typos and errors). The Organizing committee shall not enter into a discussion with applicants on the evaluation of individual works and does not give references on their examination.

Conversations with applicants will be carried exclusively by email. Please be sure to include a valid email address.

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