Nikonovich Nataly. Theoretical analysis of M. Eliade’s philosophy of myth: basic ideas and cognitive potential


Philosophy of myth and religion of the world-famous European thinker of Romanian origin, creator of the Chicago School of comparative religious studies M. Eliade is analyzed and structured in the publication. There are discussed the main parts of the concept and thematic configurations of M. Eliade’s myth: philosophy of history, philosophical anthropology, ontology of myth. Ideas of the thinker formed the base of the monograph of the new methodology of culture, typologization and classification of cultures, according to the mythological and religious sign. The ways of synthesis of philosophy of M. Eliade’s myth with other significant paradigms in modern humanitarian science were determined. On the base of interdisciplinary synthesis of the ideas of M. Eliade, C.-G. Jung and S. Grof, there was offered a new conceptual model of the mythological-religious experience: meta-level – conceptual base of the theory, the level of conceptual generalizations; sub-levels – epistemology, ontology and phenomenology of mythological and religious experience.This monographic study is the first complex work about M. Eliade in the Republic of Belarus.

Nataly Nikonovich, PhD – Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Eastern Europe, Republic of Belarus


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