Philosophical problems of natural science and technology

Since January 2009, the Institute of philosophy has been holding monthly the interdisciplinary scientific seminar “Philosophical problems of natural science and technology”.

The seminar is hosted by PhD A.N. Spaskov.

The main goal of the seminar is to stimulate and develop the interdisciplinary dialogue between philosophers and specialists in the field of natural, technical and humanitarian sciences, to form an intellectual environment for free discussion of new scientific ideas, acquaintance with scientific achievements of various scientists.

The range of problems offered for discussion at the seminar includes the following:

  • Actual problems of modern natural science and technology
  • Concepts of modern natural science
  • Post-nonclassical paradigm: new ideas and hypotheses
  • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research (theory of systems, synergetics, etc.)
  • Theory and methodology of scientific knowledge
  • Physics and metaphysics
  • Science and religion
  • Science, technology, society
  • Philosophy of science and technology
  • Ethical problems of science

Other constructive offers for expanding and deepening the topics of the seminar are accepted, as well as requests for presentations.

Contact details:
Alexander Spaskov
+375 17 2949111

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