Religion and Education in Secular Societies: Experience, Problems and Perspectives

The international scientific conference «Religion and Education in Secular Societies: Experience, Problems and Perspectives» will be held on May 27-28, 2014 in Minsk (Belarus) by the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Consultative Interchurch Council under the Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities with the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. The conference objective is to discuss the current challenges of education and upbringing in the context of interaction of secular and religious values in modern society .

The main problems to be discussed in the course of the conference:

  • Methodological approaches to the development of prospective strategies and technologies of education and upbringing.
  • Religious and scientific aspects of education, their role in formation of a human world-outlook.
  • Theoretic foundations and effective practices of religious education in different countries.
  • Teaching about religions and beliefs in secular educational institutions: religion in school education programs, ways and experience of religious teaching in schools.
  • Defending rights of minors in the field of religious freedom.
  • The role of religious and secular values in family education and formation of secular community axiosphere.

It is planned to organize a plenary meeting, four affiliated meetings and a round table discussion. There also will be the presentation of research projects on the topic of the conference. The invited speakers are welcomed to visit the religious educational institutions of Belarus. The discussions will be held in the NAS of Belarus and major religious educational centers of Minsk.

The topical field of affiliated meetings
1. World-outlook and methodological foundations of modern educational strategies and technologies.
2. Current problems of religious teaching.
3. Religion in secular educational institutions.
4. Family education strategies: religious and secular values.
The number and content of affiliated meetings can be expounded while preparing the conference program.

Conference working languages: Russian, Belarusian, English.

Participation and publication
Scientists, religious education and religious teaching experts, experts from public authorities, public persons and clergymen are invited to report at the conference.
Following the results of the conference the book of reports and theses will be published (in the latter half of 2014).
The speakers are invited to submit an application and abstract(s) via email to with the note «Religion and education» in the topic of the letter. The applications should be submitted no later than 30.04.2014.
The application should consist of a personal datasheet and an abstract in Microsoft Word 97–2013 file.

A personal datasheet is to be on the first page completed as in the following example:

Автор Соавтор (если имеется)
Фамилия, имя отчество Иванов Петр Иванович Петрова Анна Петровна
Ученая степень доктор философских наук кандидат философских наук
Ученое звание профессор
Должность и место работы профессор кафедры филосо-фии и методологии науки Института социальных исследований, г. Минск старший преподаватель кафедры философии и истории Международного гуманитарного университета, г. Могилев
Государство, которое представляет Республика Беларусь Республика Беларусь
Контактный телефон (включая код страны, города, оператора) +375 45 333-33-33 +375 17 444-44-44
Адрес электронной почты
Форма участия заочная очная
Нуждается ли в бронировании места в гостинице нет да
Название доклада Актуальные проблемы современного религиоведения

An abstract must be up to 3 pages (without a personal datasheet), font Times New Roman, size 14, interline spacing 1, margins – 20mm.The text should be written with indention and left and right adjustment. It is unacceptable to make the adjustment and indention using a spacebar.
The references are to be after the text titled «References» and formalized according to State Standard STB 7.0.5-2008 / СТБ 7.208-2008 «References. Requirements and compilation rules». Source references in the text should be enclosed in square brackets: the source number and page number (for example [10, с. 795]). Usage of automatic footnotes is unacceptable.

You can find the full typescript requirements at

The organizational committee does not accept the applications, that:
– fail to meet the topical field of the conference;
– are not scientific, i.e. fail to meet logical and statistical requirements to publication in a scientific issues;
– fail to meet the typescript requirements and the required volume;
– has a huge need in correction (have misprints and mistakes).

The organizational committee does not discuss the approval of submitted works and does not render any information about expert evaluation of submitted works.

The participants, whose applications will be accepted, will receive an official invitation. The organizational committee does not reimburse travel and accommodation expenses.
The correspondence is available only via e-mail.

Following the results of the conference the book of reports and theses will be published. The e-copy of a book (PDF format with all necessary reference details) will be available at the Institute of Philosophy website.

For your reference, please, call +375 17 2841875, +375 17 2842925.
The organizational committee