Collected papers of the First Belarusian Congress of Philosophy (October 2017)


The collection contains theses of reports and speeches included in the program of the First Belarusian Philosophical Congress “National Philosophy in the Global world “(Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 18-20 October 2017). The materials reflect the diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches to the solution of the actual problems of philosophical and transdisciplinary knowledge in the structure of science, the enhancement of the heuristic status of philosophical disciplines in social practice. Much attention is paid to history, today and little studied aspects of philosophical thought in Belarus – an original and rich philosophical tradition with a centuries-old history that serves as a philosophical and methodological basis for socio-cultural design in contemporary Belarusian society.
It is intended for scientists in the field of philosophy and social and humanitarian disciplines, specialists of public authorities and administration, education system employees, representatives of public structures, postgraduate students, undergraduates and students, as well as all those who are interested in the development of philosophical knowledge in the national and global context.

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