Inter-ethnic harmony and tolerance – value basis of Eurasian integration


Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Belarus together with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan holds on December 9 2014 the international scientific-practical conference “Inter-ethnic harmony and tolerance – value basis of Eurasian integration.”
The conference is organized in a panel discussion format. It will be attended by heads of diplomatic missions of the CIS countries and a number of other states, employees of state administration, specialists in the humanities, representing the National academy of sciences of Belarus and higher educational institutions of the country. Among the speakers – ambassadors and embassy staff from Kazakhstan, Russia, China, the Commissioner for Religious and Ethnic Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, prominent domestic and foreign scholars.
The participants of the conference are expected to develop a coordinated approach to promote the ideas of ethnic harmony and tolerance in Eurasia in the interests of peaceful coexistence, socio-economic development and integration. The special importance of these ideas is emphasized by the entry into force of the Eurasian Economic Union from 1 January 2015.
At the conference it is expected to discuss the experience of Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries of the Eurasian space in achieving harmony of interethnic and interfaith relations. Particular attention will be paid to the problems of organizing national dialogue during the transition period, the role of state leaders in this process. Participants will raise issues of economic, scientific, educational, humanitarian and cultural cooperation in the post-Soviet space, as well as the role the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan, the prospects for economic, social and cultural integration within the EAEU.


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